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Towing Services

Flatbed Tow Truck - Towing Services

Flatbed Towing

Motorcycle Towing LA understands your care and passion for your motorcycle. That is the reason us to practice strict motorcycle loading and towing procedures. In order to ensure that your motorcycle is transported safely and damage free, we use state-of-the-art flatbed tow truck and equipment.

Flatbed is considered one of the safest way to transport your motorcycle. The motorcycle secured is secured firmly onto the ramp or platform with harness or strap tied firmly throughout the journey. By lifting the bike completely off the ground, there is no need to worry about any sharp objects on the road damaging your motorcycle.

Furthermore, flatbeds can be used to tow vehicles such as cars, 4-wheel-drives, trucks and more. It is an all-round method for safe towing.

Towing Services - Wheel Lift

Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is one common method commonly used by tow truck companies. Our fleet of wheel lift tow trucks come with different sizes catered for light duty towing or medium duty towing. Whether you have a regular car, motorcycle or mini-van, we can tow it for you.

This method involves lifting front or rear wheels of a 4-wheel vehicle of the ground while the remaining tires are on the ground when towed. If it is used on the motorcycle, the motorcycle will be placed firmed onto the under lift and it will be secured with straps and harness to prevent any movement during transportation.

Wheel lift tow trucks can move easily into tight or awkward spaces to tow a vehicle. It is usually smaller and highly mobile thus it Is preferred choice for short distance towing.

Jet Ski Towing

Jet Ski Towing

Los Angeles has beautiful beaches for those who love the water. With so much to do in South Florida, it is definitely a blessing for people who love water sports such as jet skiing. If you find your water sports vehicle stuck in the water with no gas, or other reasons, contact Motorcycle Towing LA and we will go to your location and tow your water vehicle back to land quickly and safely. We have the equipment and tools needed to secure your jet ski and we check our equipment regularly. We have holders designed for holding jet skis and motorcycles, so that we can efficiently load or unload your vehicle. With friendly services along with affordable prices, you will not be disappointed by our services.

Towing Services

Accident Recovery

Motorcycle Towing LA offers emergency towing services. If your motorcycle or car is involved in an accident in Los Angeles area, we can help. Our hotline is available 24-hour day and night to dispatch our emergency towing team to the site of accident and provide assistance. Whether your vehicle is still functional or inoperable, we can tow it to your desired destination or garage of your choice. It can be physically and emotionally stressful in these situations, we will do our best to provide fast accident recovery, with the safety of driver or motorist as top priority. 

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